Tuesday 4 August 2020

Newcastle Ranked as One of Australia's 'Best Performing Cities' in New Report


Newcastle has been named as one of Australia's best performing cities, in terms of employment, investment and welfare reliance.

The ‘Goldilocks’ report ranked Newcastle in fourth place, in terms of economic and social indicators, out of 101 urban areas.

Geelong was rated number two in the country,and Wollongong eighth - all far above the metropolitan centres of Melbourne (23) and Sydney (25).

The cities are seen to have just the right balance of employment opportunities, industry diversity and amenity, without congestion and high cost of living.

Gateway Cities Alliance Secretariat and Committee for Geelong CEO Jennifer Cromarty said the report reaffirmed the advantages of gateway cities and the formation of the Gateway Cities Alliance.

“This report offers insight into the many economic and social benefits of Geelong, Newcastle and Wollongong, which have the potential to play a far bigger role in national development."

“This report is based on pre-COVID statistics but show that gateway cities demonstrate remarkable resilience over generations and in evolving economic conditions."

“This research reinforces the strong position of the Alliance cities before the lockdown, and places them well to play a crucial role in Australia’s recovery post-pandemic,” Ms Cromarty said.

Image Credit: City of Newcastle: NSW Government