Friday 3 March 2017

Melissa Histon Announced as the 2017 Local Woman of the Year


This morning, Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp appeared at Nobby's Beach Surf Life Saving Club to announce Melissa Histon as the 2017 Local Woman of the Year.

The founder of the "Got Your Back Sista" Charity was presented with the award for her work against domestic violence and her willingness to take a stand on the issue.

MP Tim Crakanthorp says Melissa's work made her stand out from the crowd.

"Melissa is an outstanding advocate against domestic violence in Newcastle and the Hunter. Last year she had a great event called 'I say No to Domestic Violence' which saw a huge amount of people come together at Hunter Stadium," he said.

"She takes a stand and encourages others to join her which is a wonderful thing."

Mr. Crakanthorp says Melissa is a worthy recipient of this title.

"She's the founder of the 'Sista Code' and tackles the tough issues of domestic violence and sex trafficking," he said.

"She's truly deserving of our 2017 local woman of the year."

Melissa Histon, 2017 Local Woman of the Year
[Image: Newcastle Herald]