Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Emergency Warning Issued For Richmond Vale Fire: Update: 1.50pm


UPDATE: 2:37pm The fire which jumped Leggetts Drive is now 

UPDATE: 1.50pm The fire has jumped Leggetts Drive and is burning just to the north of the airstrip. Mount Sugarloaf Road and Sugarloaf Range Road have been closed.

UPDATE: 1.45pm The fire has burnt through almost 700 hectares. There are reports a rail carriage at the Richmond Vale Rail Museum has been destroyed in the blaze.

UPDATE: 12.50pm:
The fire is burning in the area of Leggetts Drive at Richmond Vale between Pelaw Main and Mulbring.

The fire has crossed Leggetts Drive and is spreading in an easterly direction. Leggetts Drive is closed in both directions.

A number of properties are under threat in the area round Leggetts Drive, Orchid Road, Whitebridge Road, Richmond Vale Road, and Sheppeard Road.

Elsewhere, crews have been called to a grass fire at Renwick Street and Appletree Grove at West Wallsend. Newcastle Fire Command says it's being brought under control and properties are not under any immediate threat.

UPDATE 12.15pm: The large airtanker, Thor has been sent to Richmond Vale to assist firefighters.


Crews are working to protect protect properties on Richmond Vale Road with the fire expected to impact the area within half an hour.

An Emergency Warning has been issued for a bush fire burning in bushland at Richmond Vale between Pelaw Main and Mulbring.

A fire which broke out yesterday afternoon at the Tomalpin Link Firetrial has broken containment lines and is currently burning in an easterly direction towards Leggetts Drive.

The Rural Fire Service says a number of properties may come under threat around Leggetts Drive, Orchid Road, Whitebridge Road and Richmond Vale Road.

Crews on the ground are being assisted by three water bombing aircraft in a bid to slow the spread of the fire and protect properties.

Emergency Alert telephone messages have also been sent to people in the area.

The RFS says if the fire impacts your property you should seek shelter to protect yurself from the heat.

People in the Stanford Merthyr area should also monitor the conditions.

Leggetts Drive Image MJF Productions

Leggetts Drive Image MJF Productions

Image MJF Productions

Image MJF Productions

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