Thursday, 11 November 2021

Newcastle Efforts Documented in New World War II Short Film


A Newcastle-based documentary has been released today honoring the regions war efforts during World War II. 

'Fortress Newcastle; Life Under Threat' is the newest release to come from 'Stories of Our Town' series, and is available from Remembrance Day 2021 (11th November) on their YouTube channel to acknowledge those who fought from Newcastle and beyond. 

During the second World War Newcastle was known as the industrial complex central for all resources used during the war and further distributed across the country. 

The Newcastle Fortress complex included 4 forts, 5 Army Bases, 2 Naval Bases, 2 RAAF Bases and 7 anti-aircraft guns. 

The Steel Works produced over 10 million tonnes of iron and steel, as well as repairing and building coal ships. 

Directors Glenn Dormand and Tony Whittaker took first-hand accounts from those who took part in the war efforts from Newcastle as well as combining with historians from across the region. 

"This is a jaw-dropping story that everyone in this region needs to know because so much was kept secret and we've uncovered a lot of new details that most people who have studied the history of this town have no idea about."

Pictured: Fort Scratchley today.
Image: Campervan Finder

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