Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Hunter's safer cyclists


Hunter cyclists can celebrate safer conditions following New South Wales Road and Transport's decision to make the Minimum Passing Distance Rule permanent.

The rule ensures motorists leave at least a metre when passing cyclists and one and a half metres where the speed limit is above 60 km/h.

Secretary for Newcastle Cycling Club, Michael Flynn, says the Rule ensures the safety of all road users.

"When you're riding a bike along the road...the results can be potentially fatal, so just having that space between yourself and the car is just a great thing for everybody", he said.

Under the two year trial of the Rule, there was an estimated fifteen percent reduction of bicycle to vehicle accidents, with eighty-one percent of cyclists and sixty-nine percent of drivers supporting the rule.

Despite the changes, Secretary Mr Flynn believes there's still more that can be done.

"There's always more things that can be done to improve the safety of cyclists and cars on the road."

Motorists who do not comply travelling to close to cyclists will be fined $330 and lose two demerit points.

Image: ABC news

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