Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Police Shortage In Maitland


Maitland MP Jenny Aitchison is criticising the state government for failing to enlist more police in Maitland.

The region was promised ten new officers, however, they are still three short.

"We've just had 234 new police recruits coming into the state- three of those have come into the Hunter, but none to Maitland," she says.

"We've only got seven out of ten of the promised recruits, and that is not good enough."

Ms Aitchison feels the area is being overlooked, despite a growing population and crime rate.

"Our population has topped well over 80 thousand now, we need these services to be delivered and yet the government just seems to ignore us," she says.

"They're very happy to build and to knock down stadiums in Sydney, but when it comes to putting police on the ground in Maitland, they can't cut a ribbon for that one."

Since the start of the year, seven outlaw motorcycle gang incidents have occurred, on top of day to day crime.

Ms Aitchison says this, paired with a high domestic violence rate, should be acknowledged.

"In 2016 we were the third highest increase in domestic violence in the state, and we have the highest Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) application rate," she says.

"There have been six to seven incidents of outlaw motorcycle gang violence in the first two months of this year, and a lot of that violence was centred in Maitland,"

"That takes time out of police in their busy schedules, so that makes it even harder."

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