Tuesday, 8 May 2018

MP Sharon Claydon Calling To Reverse University Budget Cuts


Newcastle MP Sharon Claydon is calling on the government to reverse damaging cuts to the University of Newcastle, ahead of tonight's budget announcement.

She says modelling indicates the University is set to lose $69-million-dollars between now and 2021.

Ms Claydon claims the cuts will affect the whole region.

"These cuts are damaging in every way imaginable, they are short-sighted in terms of skills development- they are just plain silly in terms of the additional kinds of burdens and costs that they're going to be trying to shift," she says.

Ms Claydon says despite the university's best efforts at mitigation, the cuts would soon start to bite.

"I applaud the university for protecting the student places from the cuts in 2018, but that is simply not going to be possible for the university to maintain."

Sharon Claydon MP

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