Monday, 7 May 2018

Hunter Brewer Welcomes Federal Tax Relief


Craft beer lovers across the Hunter can expect a growth in the industry after Treasurer Scott Morrison last Friday announced the unfair tax system currently in place will be scrapped.

This tax system was resulting in draught beer being sold in 50-litre-kegs taxed $15 less per litre than its craft beer counterpart.

CEO of Murray's Brewery in Port Stephens, Murray Howe said this tax change will be welcomed with open arms.

"Small brewers have traditionally been at a big disadvantage, the change that has been announced by the Government is welcome to all small breweries that's for sure," he said.

However, despite the abolishing of the unfair tax anomaly, the cost of your favourite brew is unlikely to go down.

With a growing interest in craft beer across Australia, Mr Howe says the savings made will lead to investment in the industry.

"What I think will happen is the tax change will provide opportunities for companies to invest in more people and more jobs for our region," said Mr Howe.

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