Monday, 28 May 2018

Group Homes on the Backburner: Labor Asks Why


State Labor is pressuring the Berejiklian government to reveal why it has failed to deliver 78 promised group homes to residents in Stockton, Tomaree and Morisset.

In 2015, the government sought a private provider to build the new facilities, which were set to be complete by April this year.

However, construction hasn't even begun yet, and the government is now seeking new tenders, but won't reveal why.

Acting Shadow Minister for Disability Services, Kate Washington claims sources reveal the original contractual terms were impossible to fulfil as the government never provided any funding for the project, instead relying on "vague ongoing funding proposals" to make the build viable.

Whatever the reason, disabled people have been told there's no date known for when they'll move into new residential centres, and Kate Washington says family members are growing increasingly concerned about their loved ones' futures.

"The residents and their families continue to live with deep uncertainty about their futures, and that is just so upsetting and disturbing for them," she said.

"The government's mismanagement of this whole process has been heartless and cruel."

The Stockton Centre. 

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