Thursday, 14 June 2018

Child Sexual Assault Offender Remains at Large, Police Urge Vigilance


Police are renewing their plea for information about the sickening sexual assault of an 11-year-old
girl at Adamstown Heights on Tuesday.

While crime scenes have been established at Hudson Park and a nearby Scout Hall, police believe someone may have seen the offender and victim while in transit in a red Holden Commodore with red wheel inserts.

It's unknown what bushland the girl was driven to between the initial assault around 9:15 at Hudson Park and her release at 2:15 at Kotara Railway Station.

While no breakthroughs have been made thus far, the public is being assured no stone is being left unturned to find the attacker, who's described as chubby with messy brown hair, stained teeth and smelling of body odour and cigarettes.

Sex Crimes Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec said every avenue of enquiry is being looked into and officers are doorknocking, patrolling the streets.

"We are extremely focused and committed to finding this person responsible," he said.

"I share the public's concerns - it's worrying that this person was able to carry out this horrendous crime in broad daylight on a young girl.

"We are throwing every piece of available resource we have at this investigation," Superintendent Kerlatec said.

In the meantime, parents and schools are being reminded to re-enforce the stranger danger message with children.

"Until we find this person I'd be more vigilant than ever," John Kerlatec concluded.

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