Monday, 4 June 2018

Adamstown's Growth Corridor


Adamstown has been recognised by the Newcastle City Council as a growth corridor in the city, with a target to add 700 additional dwellings.

Brunker Road in Broadmeadow and Adamstown are seeing a number of projects on sites, where developers have bought up adjoining blocks in an area zoned for high-density living.

This strip alone is planning more than 300 new apartments across 8 projects.

One of the residents' concerns is traffic conditions through Adamstown. The council has begun preliminary civil works last week on the intersection between Glebe Road and Park Avenue, preparing for the future installation of traffic lights.

This comes to address a high frequency of accidents at this location.

The state government's revitalising Newcastle program says an expanding light rail network could run along Brunker Road from Broadmeadow to Adamstown as the population grows.

GWH director Hilton Grugeon said there's an easy reason why Adamstown is seeing a growth in apartments,

"People want them," he said.

Image: Newcastle Herald. Brunker Street Construction

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