Tuesday, 5 June 2018

World Environment Day - Recycle The Plastics


It's the 5th of June, which marks World Environment Day, 'Plastic Pollution' edition.

The message being spread all around the Hunter region is for locals to significantly reduce the use of soft plastics as much as possible, to combat the rising issue of plastic pollution in and around the local land and marine environments.

With soft plastic waste considered to be one of the most significant forms of pollution, not just locally but around the world, this year's theme has been recalled as 'Beat Plastic Pollution'.

To help combat the issue, a local Hunter initiative, referred to as the Plastic Police are creating a community engagement model to collect, recycle and reuse soft plastics which are so far ending up in landfill and blocking waterways.

The Plastic Police are urging the community to stop and think before buying certain plastic items and to make sure they are not wasting them if they can be reused.

The new initiative is currently working alongside local councils in the region to schedule drop off points for disposed of plastic items.

Sustainability Coordinator for Cross Connections Consulting, Lexi Crouch, is positive the steps each resident can take are simple and if carried out, will work effectively.

"We need to ditch the common big four, such as giving up plastic straws, refusing plastic bags, re-using plastic bottles and using portable coffee mugs," she says.

"We are really trying to rally behind individuals to inspire them to take that action of reducing their plastic use and wastage".

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Image Sourced: https://www.wattlerange.sa.gov.au/recycling

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