Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Council urged to consider alternative vision for Civic Lane redevelopment


An artist impression detailing a proposed alternative layout of the recently announced Civic Lane redevelopment has been presented in an open letter to Newcastle councillors by the Newcastle Hunter Urban Planning and Transport Alliance.

The letter addressed to all 12 councillors, the Lord Mayor and Council CEO calls on council to consider its alternative vision for Civic Lane to the one presented by the Hunter Development Corporation.

Last week HDC lodged a development application with council proposing retaining the former Civic Station building, green spaces, paving and better connectivity while only extending its width from 6m to 7m.

However, former Newcastle Councillor and Co-convener of the Alliance Therese Doyle said the lane would need to be widened to 16m to allow for footpaths on each side, parking, a one way westbound traffic lane and a two way cycle lane.

"Those businesses on Hunter Street between Civic Station and Worth Place have suffered pretty catastrophic drops in business since the construction of the light rail began along Hunter Street.

"It appears business is not going to get that much better once the light rail is operational because there will be very severe restrictions on parking and therefore restrict access of their patrons to their businesses.

Ms Doyle believes widening the lane will open up a new north-facing point of access for businesses.

"They should be able to turn their buildings around so that they face north as well as south as they have done traditionally onto Hunter Street," Ms Doyle said.

Hunter Development Corporation plan artist impression.

Newcastle Hunter Urban Planning and Transport Alliance proposal
artist impression.

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