Friday, 22 June 2018

Community Rallies for Stockton With 10,000 Signatures


Stockton residents are today marking the collection of 10,000 signatures on a petition campaigning for an end to the coastal suburb's erosion crisis.

The milestone means Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp will have the opportunity to debate with the Environment Minister in state parliament for the second time.

It comes after $1 million in emergency money was granted by the NSW Government for Crown Lands to clean up the recently re-exposed former Stockton Tip site, however, the residents want to see a long-term solution.

Tim Crakanthorp says this issue has been dragging on for years and it's crucial the government acts now.

"It's so important now because this community is being threatened," he said, "we've got the Surf Club here in danger from storms and east coast lows, we've got Lexi's, we've got the Caravan Park, the Childcare Centre, a rubbish tip that's been unearthed...

"Crown Lands are finally coming to the party there - well they've missed the party," Mr Crakanthorp asserted, "this coast is under threat and people's houses will soon be under threat."

Cathy from the Stockton Community Action Group said everyone wants to see the beach saved, as many families have generations of history there.

"The whole community has been united in expressing their concern about the erosion and the damage to the beach, and there's quite a sense of urgency that something needs to be done soon before it disappears," she said.

"We're looking to the government to know what our concerns are and to commit funding, urgently, to save the beach," Cathy said.

Making Progress: Stockton activists Barbara, Simon and Cathy. 

Someone who understands that personal connection to Stockton is local activist Simon Jones.

"I grew up surfing here my whole life, and it hurts to see the beach the way it is now," he said.

Chair of the Stockton Community Liasion group, Barbara, said she's witnessed the beach's drastic decline.

"People like myself who've lived here for more than 60 years remember when we would come to the beach and walk way out," she said.

"We would walk through all kinds of scrub to get to the beach, which seemed to stretch endlessly - now it's disappearing."

Barbara said the Liaison group wants to see millions of tonnes of sand replenishment, possibly with a headland to be constructed in the future.

Tim Crakanthorp receives the final signatures to reach a 10,000 person milestone. 


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