Saturday, 16 June 2018

BREAKING! Man Arrested over Adamstown Child Sexual Assault: Police have "overwhelming" evidence


Police have arrested a 47-year-old man over the alleged sexual assault and kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl at Adamstown Heights on Tuesday, June 12.

Strike Force detectives and officers from the Newcastle City District stopped the man in his vehicle at Hamilton shortly after 12:15pm today; he did not resist arrest.

He is expected to be charged later tonight.

Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec said this is a pleasing result for the community, who've been living in fear since the abhorrent crime was committed.

"This is an outstanding result," he said, "recognising the police commitment to this crime but also the support we've been given by members of the community who provided us valuable information that assisted with this arrest today."

John Kerlatec said people have contacted Crime Stoppers and used their own CCTV and dashcam footage which lead to identification of the red Holden Commodore driven by the accused.

Police made a breakthrough late yesterday evening and worked through the night to track down the man, who matched the detailed description given by the brave young victim.

"At this stage we have what I would call overwhelming, compelling circumstantial evidence," he said.

Superintendent Kerlatec refused to be drawn on where the man is from or whether he is known to police, with charges to be laid later tonight.

The victim was walking through Hudson Park on Terence Street at about 9.15 on Tuesday morning when she was allegedly approached and threatened by the accused who was wielding a knife.

She was allegedly raped before being forced into a red car and driven to bushland where she was assaulted again.

The girl was released 5 hours later at Kotara Railway Station and made her way home.

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