Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Social Housing Misses out in Federal Budget: Compass


A Hunter-based community housing provider, Compass Housing, is disappointed with the lack of shelter expenditure in the Federal budget announced yesterday.

The group believe that not enough housing is being built to suit Australia’s growing demand. It comes after the Everybody’s Home campaign, developed by housing experts and leading academics, published a report exposing a 500,000-building shortage in social and affordable homes.

 Compass Housing’s Professor David Adamson said Australian’s housing needs have been ignored. “Housing is fundamental to the productivity and health of every single Australian,” said Professor Adamson.

“The Treasurer spoke of the importance of investing in infrastructure; [yet] housing is fundamentally important, job-creating infrastructure,” he said.

Compass Housing believe a national housing plan and accompanying Federal Minister will help to fix Australia’s "broken" housing system.

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