Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Signs Erected In Wake Of Attacks By Kangaroos At Morisset Hospital


The NSW Health Department has moved to protect international tourists following a spate of attacks by kangaroos in the grounds of Morisset Hospital.

Photos and footage emerged in recent weeks of people being scratched and clawed after getting too close to the animals.

The area has been advertised online as an easy and affordable day trip for overseas visitors wishing to see kangaroos up close.

In recent years there have been several reports of kangaroos being shot with bows and arrows around the grounds of the hospital, which may have made the local mob of roos especially wary of people.

The recent attacks on tourists has prompted Lake Macquarie MP, Greg Piper to call for action.

The Health Department has responded by erecting 12 signs in 8 languages around the grounds of the hospital warning tourists against the dangers of feeding the roos and getting too close to them.

Greg Piper has also requested the department organise a panel comprising representatives from National Parks and Wildlife, NSW Health and the local community to review how the situation can be better managed so staff, patients, the public and the local kangaroo population can be safeguarded.

One of 12 new signs erected around Morisset Hospital

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