Monday, 14 May 2018

'PFAS RED ZONE' rates reduction proposal.


Councillors at the next Port Stephens Council meeting will consider a proposal to reduce rates for residents living in the 'red zone' around Williamtown.

West Ward Councillor Giacomo Arnott said, "The red zone is the area defined by the Environmental Protection Authority as being contaminated by PFAS emanating from Williamtown RAAF Base.

Following the release of the submission from the Expert Health Panel into PFAS contamination revealing that PFAS foam does have health effects such as increased cholesterol and uric acid in the blood.

Port Stephens Council. Image:ABC 
Futher proving the damage done by PFAS, the release of the Federal budget last week ruled out buybacks for red zone residents, making compensation not an option.

"It is Council's social responsibility to do something," believes Mr Arnott.

"Port Stephens Council are proposing rateable residents in the Primary Management Zone to receive a 50% reduction, the Secondary Management Zone to receive 25%, and the Broader Management Zone to receive a 10% reduction off their rates," said Mr Arnott.

"The Federal and State Governments really do need to step up their game, especially the Federal Government. Malcolm Turnbull has been weak on supporting the residents in the red zone, they really need to be coming to the table and be providing solutions rather then lip service," says Mr Arnott.

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