Monday, 7 May 2018

Hunter Preschools To Receive Funding


Three preschools around the Hunter have received funding to support disadvantaged families needing early childhood education.

Two centres in Cessnock and one in Newcastle have been selected, as part of the state government's Community Grants program.

Gretta Community Preschool and Hunter Mobile Preschool in Cessnock will receive $5000 and $7000 respectively, whilst Cooks Hill Preschool in Newcastle will receive close to $2000.

The money will go towards transport for those in remote areas and providing things such as backpacks and healthy lunches.

Parliamentary Secretary for The Hunter Scot Macdonald says all children should be given the opportunity to receive a quality education.

"We've got some families in the community who really struggle to pay those preschool fees, and we think there would be a good outcome if we could get some of those children into the preschool system," he says.

Mr Macdonald says the benefits will be seen in the future.

"I think if we start early with some of the children who have otherwise missed out, we will see the benefits all through the schooling system and then even later in life," he says.

"If you get that good strong start with quality early childhood education, that will mean a better schooling experience, and then that means better vocational and higher education outcomes."

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