Thursday, 10 May 2018

UPDATE: Fire Crews Called To Lake Macquarie Nursing Home



The operator of the Kilpatrick Court Nursing home at Toronto says there was no fire at the facility last night, despite media reports to the contrary.

In a statement issued this morning, Anglican Care says a member of staff noticed a strange smell in the building at about 7.20pm on Wednesday and emergency services attended the site at about 7.35pm at the request of staff, but no sign of fire was found despite a thorough search of the buildings and grounds.

"No alarm or smoke detectors were activated and no smoke was detected," the statement said.

"Anglican Care's actions were to ensure the safety of our residents, with emergency services called as a precautionary measure," the statement continued.

Fire and Rescue NSW has clarified the circumstances surrounding the incident, confirming a "smoke haze" was present on the 3rd floor of the main building when they arrived and a thorough search was undertaken of the entire facility, but there was no sign if fire.

A Fire Brigade spokesman advised the source of the "smoke haze" was most likely a minor electrical fault, with staff advised to have the air conditioning system checked by maintenance personnel.


A fire at a Toronto nursing home has prompted a major response from emergency services.

Newcastle Fire Command say they received several Triple-O calls to the Kilpatrick Court Nursing Home in Brighton Avenue just before 8.00pm on Wednesday.

Crews arrived to find smoke issuing from the roof of the main building and called for back-up, with six units attending the call from Toronto, Teralba and Cardiff.

They found the source of the fire in the air conditioning system on the 3rd floor and quickly extinguished the blaze.

None of the residents were evacuated.

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